Sydney Housing Market Update 08/12/2017
December 7, 2017
home auctions
The Auction results for November are in with some surprises. MARRICKVILLE Auctions - 38 Sold - 21 Passed In - 9 Sold Prior - 6 Withdrawn - 2 CLEARANCE RATE : 71.05% DULWICH HILL Auctions - 17 Sold - 9 Passed In - 4 Sold Prior - 4 CLEARANCE RATE : 76.47% HURLSTONE PARK Auctions - 7 Sold - 1 Passed in - 4 Withdrawn - 4 CLEARANCE RATE : 14.29% As you can see both Marrickville and Dulwich Hill have bucked the Sydney trend with clearance rates well above the current average of the low 60% range. On the…
Sydney Housing Market Update 01/12/2017
December 1, 2017
Santa Surfing
With time running out and Christmas only a matter of weeks away we are officially in countdown mode with all our owners on notice. Apart from the two Auctions we have remaining in 2017 the rest of our stock sheet has very attractive public asking prices and are ready to be sold before we close the doors on Friday 22nd December. So if there's something you like in our menu below please don't make the mistake of waiting for the weekend to view it or assuming you can't make a private appointment with one of our staff ANYTIME. As I…
Sydney Real Estate Market Update 23/11/2017
November 24, 2017
RYLA logo
I'll take my real estate hat off just for a week and tell you all about a wonderful opportunity for a young professional offered by the Marrickville Rotary Club. As the Chairperson of Youth Services, I am seeking someone between the ages of 19-26 who would be interested in attending the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (R.Y.L.A.) camp. This is a fantastic experience where as many as 70 like-minded people gather in early January 2018 for a seven-day personal development program that is focussed on leadership and community. Fully funded and run by Rotary the program has been going for over…
Sydney Real Estate Market Update 17/11/2017
November 16, 2017
2017 turning to 2018
With only five more Saturdays left to attend open home inspections we really are entering the finishing straight of the 2017 selling season. Yep, that's right in five weeks time we'll be pretty much done and dusted for the year which is frightening, to say the least. For those buyers waiting for any more new stock to hit the market don't wait too long. Within the next week the final Auction campaigns will be launched and a little phenomenon I like to refer to as musical chairs start to happen. For those who remember the game as a child, slowly…
Sydney Real Estate Market Update 09/11/2017
November 9, 2017
man walking near pitfalls
I mentioned last week that the current dip in Auction clearance rates has been directly caused by the increased number of homes placed on the market in such a small space of time this Spring. And what I also said was the agent you choose in today's “new" market is crucial to a successful sale before Christmas. So what pitfalls should owners look for? Well, I'm glad you asked. Let me quickly and succinctly dispel a few myths about what is supposedly good: 1. What's the rush - If an agent states that his/her average time to transact a sale…
Sydney Housing Market Update
November 2, 2017
Model house with a calculator
The Auction Results are in for October and there are some very notable changes : MARRICKVILLE Auctions - 29 Sold - 16 Sold Prior - 2 Passed In - 10 Withdrawn - 1 CLEARANCE RATE: 62.07% DULWICH HILL Auctions - 16 Sold - 10 Sold Prior - 3 Passed In - 2 Withdrawn - 1 CLEARANCE RATE: 81.25% HURLSTONE PARK Auctions - 5 Sold - 1 Sold Prior - 1 Passed In - 2 Withdrawn - 1 CLEARANCE RATE: 40.00% For the full itemised list simply click on the link below each suburb. As you can see…
Sydney Housing Market Update
October 30, 2017
House Auctions
As the President of the Canterbury/Hurlstone Park Chamber of Commerce, I had a very interesting meeting with two representatives from the NSW State Metro Link project this month. For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past two years, this project has been heralded as the much-needed modernisation of one of the busiest and most used train lines in Sydney. With construction to commence as early as 2018 the proposal aims to develop a fast driverless train service from Bankstown to Sydenham.The aim is to reduce trip times with more frequent, faster and newer train…
Sydney Housing Market Update 27/10/2017
October 26, 2017
Close up Conceptual White Miniature House on Top of the Table Beside Court Gavel
With the final round of Auctions for October taking place this weekend, we will have a full detailed report on clearance rates across Marrickville, Dulwich Hill and Hurlstone Park in our next update. It will definitely make for interesting reading as the volume of property sold in Spring is seasonally much higher than any other time of the year and can lead to different results. I'll also speak a little bit about the strategy consumers should take into this period as it can be quite easy for the layman to make a false assumption about the intricacies of the market…
Housing Market Update 20/10/17
October 19, 2017
Hand holding a house
What is the greatest Aussie invention or innovation? The good old Hills Hoist, Ultrasound Scanner, Electronic Pacemaker, Cochlear Implants, Black Box recorder or even Wi-Fi technology itself? Well none of them if you ask me. And forgive me if I neatly place my very tilted real estate-centric hat on before telling you that it is the Torrens Title system of property ownership. Originally designed way back in 1858 by Robert Richard Torrens, the Registrar of the South Australian Land Titles Office, it very simply and ingeniously developed a system whereby a single document produced by the government guaranteed an indefeasible…
Sydney Housing Market Update 13/10/17
October 13, 2017
Market Update image
Last week I reported the Auction results from September and made mention specifically of our office's splendid record in Hurlstone Park. It is something we pride ourselves on due to the many difficulties encountered in successfully selling homes under the hammer in this largely unknown enclave in the southern corner of the Inner West. And if you compare our results this year to the other agents who have come and gone it makes for very interesting reading : R & W HURLSTONE PARK OTHER OFFICES Auctions - 12 Auctions - 14 Sold - 12 Sold - 8 Passed In -…