Sydney Real Estate Market Update 17/11/2017

November 16, 2017
2017 turning to 2018

With only five more Saturdays left

to attend open home inspections we really are entering the finishing straight of the 2017 selling season.

Yep, that's right in five weeks time we'll be pretty much done and dusted for the year which is frightening, to say the least.

For those buyers waiting for any more new stock to hit the market don't wait too long. Within the next week the final Auction campaigns will be launched and a little phenomenon I like to refer to as musical chairs start to happen.

For those who remember the game as a child, slowly but surely the buyers walk around looking at properties with the music in the background and as it suddenly stops, slowly but surely the chairs disappear one by one leaving many people without a home to purchase.

The good news is

there is still a very healthy choice of properties to decide on. The bad news is if you are a hard taskmaster and want that "perfect" place to appear be warned that no decent amount of new properties will be listed until nearly two months in mid-January after the extended Summer holiday period concludes.

The usual response to this ultimatum is to opt out and "take a break" from the market as the year winds to an end.


Believe it or not

there are a lot of owners keen for a result before Christmas and you may be pleasantly surprised by the response you receive to an offer at the right time.

Also please don't be under any illusion that next year will be easier. January is by far and away the busiest month for new buyers entering the market and the slowest for new listings. As low supply collides with increased demand don't expect to have things turn more in your favour in the short term.

So if there's a home out there you like but it has a few issues you are undecided about, ask yourself the most important question - can I actually change what is "wrong" with it ?

If the answer is yes then it simply gets down to time and money. Seriously consider it because there is a very old saying, "If a property has everything right then you probably can't afford it."

Last weekend we had a fabulous on-site Auction at 4/136 Livingstone Road, Marrickville.

If you missed all the action check it out on our link here