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Aris Dendrinos Marrickville Auction Results Update December 2016

December 21, 2016 by Aris Dendrinos

My name Aris. I'm from R&W Marrickville. Welcome to this month's market wrap. We've had good December auction results come in for Marrickville. There were 25 auctions this month and 20 of them sold either prior or under the hammer. So that's a combined clearance rate of 80% of the suburb of Marrickville in December, which is very strong. Tradition is, we get closer to Christmas it gets a lot more difficult for properties to sell as people enter or leave the market. A clearance rate anywhere near 80%, which is what we've got, is fantastic.

We've ended the year on a real strong note in Marrickville, but look, if you're buying in the future, in 2017, do not worry. We've definitely listed a lot of properties that we can let you know about over the holiday period which will be coming onto the market in early January.

It's been a very busy year throughout all of Sydney, but Marrickville, in particular, I think's been one of the star performing suburbs in a star performing region, the Inner West, which has just become more increasingly a place where people want to live.

So, I just wanted to thank all of our customers for the year for their business. Have a really great Christmas and New Year and we'll definitely catch up with you in 2017. Thanks very much. Bye bye.