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Market Update May 2017

June 15, 2017 by Aris Dendrinos

Hi it's Aris from Richardson & Wrench Marrickville, and welcome to this month's update. Just talking about auctions again. Big change this month, which was expected. April traditionally is a quiet month because of Easter, long weekends, school holidays, Anzac Day, these sorts of things, but May bounced back strongly. So in Marrickville, Dulwich Hill, and Hurlstone Park, we saw almost double the amount of auctions from April. So, there were 32 auctions in April, 62 in May. Marrickville was very strong. 41 auctions there. 32 of them sold under the hammer, so still clearance rates are quite strong. That was just over 78%. Dulwich Hill, similar. 14 out of 18 sold under the hammer. So that was up there around the 78, 77%. And in Hurlstone Park, which is hard to read, there are only three. So very, very quiet in Hurlstone Park. But two of the three sold prior end of the day. So that went for just under 67%.

So on the whole, the clearance rates are still holding very well, just shy of 80%. Which still indicates the demand in the area is very, very strong. We have a full detailed list of all of those auctions and graphs with the clearance rates in this blog. So if you look at the link below and click on that, that will obviously open up and you can get a more detailed list of what sold in the area.

Next month, June, the month we're in right now, still looking quite strong. Probably not as strong as May, but we will see quite a lot of auctions, which for the first month of winter is really, really good.

That's it for me. Have a really good week, month, and I'll talk to you at the next update. Bye for now.