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R & W Marrickville/Hurlstone Park Market Update 19.10.2019

October 19, 2019 by Aris Dendrinos

I hate to scare you all but I booked an Auction for a client today and noticed there are officially ten Saturdays left in the 2019 market.

To all our disillusioned buyers we are trying extremely hard to compel as many owners as possible to list their homes now rather than next year as we can never guarantee how conditions will be that far in advance.

What we do know with quite a fair deal of certainty at the moment is the good old supply and demand equation is very much in the owner’s favour.

So, to any owners out there currently weighing up whether to sell now or in early 2020 I would advise them that a bird in the hand is always the better, less stressful way to go. If stock levels improve by a reasonable amount, I really don’t see buyer numbers following suit which could lead to prices slowly stabilising.

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