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R & W Marrickville/Hurlstone Park Market Update 26.10.2019

October 26, 2019 by Aris Dendrinos

This week’s missive is specifically for owners who definitely want to sell but think they may have run out of time to do so this year.

My clear advice is it’s still very much a possibility.

If your property is “market ready” then there is still ample opportunity to list and sell it well before Christmas.

The term 'market ready' simply means it is able to be photographed and inspected. If you don’t need or aren’t intending to complete any repairs or improvements you can be on the market in literally less than a week.

The main reason I bring this up is traditionally the next window available to move won’t be until late January next year which is over three months away.

In that time things can also change, sometimes in your favour but sometimes not. I’m a bird in the hand kind of guy who likes to act if the odds are firmly in my favour rather than obsessing and procrastinating about what the future might hold.

Life’s too short and if the time is right then I say go for it.

Selling conditions for owners are the best they have been since 2017 and it is unwise to assume, they will stay that way for the long term. Just ask purchasers this same question who were looking before the Federal Election. The only constant in life is change.

My read on the market right now is buyer numbers are pretty normal for Spring but listing numbers are chronically low.

If demand stays at these levels next year, which is quite likely, but supply increases by any reasonable margin then prices and Auction clearance rates will start to stabilise.

On top of all of this, if you sell before Christmas and then need to re-buy you’ve just put yourself in a prime position to take advantage of all the new properties hitting the market in early 2020.

So, if you really do want to make the move but aren’t sure when, contact us today and we can map out a plan whether it’s this year or next.

That’s it from me. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week!

Aris Dendrinos
0412 465 567