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Sydney Housing Market Update 27/07/2017

July 27, 2017 by Aris Dendrinos

R&W Marrickville Team Shot

Early this month I reported the Auction results for the first half of the year in our area. This week I thought you might like to see how our Agency fared.

Auctions - 30
Sold - 20
Sold Prior - 6
Passed In - 4

Click on the link below for a full itemised list.

I try not to get on the soap box and beat the chest too much in my weekly missives but forgive me, this will be a rare exception.

We pride our business on ALWAYS putting the client's interests first. For example, we only took thirty properties to Auction which is a little over half our sales.

The others?

They were sold by private treaty. Why? Because that was in the best interest of our owners not our office nor the buyers, sorry guys. Believe it or not, some properties aren't conducive to the auction process and not all owners like the method.

Many of the Auction results are street or block records!

How did we achieve this?

It's simple:

1. We love on-site Auctions:
By far and away the most beneficial way in our area, if the property can't be sold on-site then my question is why are you selling it by auction in the first place? And forget all the rubbish you'll hear about the risk of bad weather. I can tell you this one simple fact, in over twenty years of selling real estate I've never had a buyer ring me on a Saturday to tell me they won't be attending today's Auction because it's raining. If buyers are keen they will walk through a monsoon to bid for a home. If you don't believe me take a look at our auction of 27 Calvert Street Marrickville in February this year here

2. We have the best Auctioneer in the business BAR NONE
Rather than a bloke with a sharp hair cut and pointy shoes screaming at you with a rolled up Contract in hand, our chief Auctioneer Peter Baldwin gets the job done in consummate style and professionalism. His diction and delivery would put the best newsreaders and orators to shame. And if you don't believe me take a look at his pre-amble on our latest Auction at 19 Euston Road Hurlstone Park on the weekend

3. We work harder than the competition
Do you want to know the main reason most agents don't do late Saturday afternoon auctions? They're lazy! Yep, that's right, shock-horror, they simply want to finish their inspections and go home. We've done our research and guess what is the most convenient time of the week when most people are available? - yep, late Saturday afternoon. It certainly isn't a weeknight anymore with everyone's diverse work and family schedules in this modern disrupted city we live in, making it increasingly inconvenient to head to a venue with very poor parking, tired kids in hand, having no idea how long the wait will be before your specific auction starts.

4. We work longer than the competition
I always laugh when I hear an Agent proudly boast about how QUICKLY he sold a property. How do you know you got the best price if it was marketed that fast and to only a select handful of buyers. The overwhelming majority of our Auction sales went the full course despite in some cases strong offers being made or suggested prior. Why? Because it was in the owners best interest and not ours. And exactly how much effort goes into an on-site Auction? If we were to Auction eight properties in rooms it would take no longer than three to four hours that evening including preparation. To do the same volume on-site you are looking at more than double the time. An on-site Auction is an event in itself. It also gives that particular owner what they deserve - our entire office's undivided attention for the whole time. If an Agent has more than one property up for Auction in rooms on a night, do you really think you're going to get the same amount of love? No, I didn't think so.

We'd love to help anyone considering putting their home on the market so let us know.