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Sydney Housing Market Update 30/06/17

June 30, 2017 by Aris Dendrinos

Hi, my name is Aris from R&W Marrickville and welcome to this month's update. Once again we're looking at auctions. This month that just passed, June, we had 40 auctions across the three suburbs that we cover, which is Dulwich Hill, Hurlstone Park and Marrickville. A little bit down. Very easy to explain that. In June there is a public holiday, which is the Queen's birthday long weekend. This particular June we only had four Saturdays of auctions. That traditionally will leave the numbers down just a little bit. We had 29 auctions in Marrickville, 11 in Dulwich Hill and only the one in Hurlstone Park, which is very low. Clearance rates, Marrickville was 72.4%. Dulwich Hill was just over 90% or just under 91, and Hurlstone Park obviously was a 100% with only the one sale which did sell. One thing that was interesting in Marrickville, the very very last weekend of the month there were four properties passed on in that particular weekend. That drastically affected their clearance rate. They were probably heading for about 80 something percent, which is very consistent with the beginning of the year, and that dropped slightly.

It'd be interesting to see if that's just a little blip on the radar or if that was an actual trend. Please click on the link below for all the full details of the auctions and the clearance rates.

Auctions - 29
Sold - 16
Sold Prior - 5
Passed In - 7
Withdrawn - 1

Auctions - 11
Sold - 5
Sold Prior - 5
Passed In - 1

Auctions - 1
Sold - 1

We've got an itemised list of each individual option there if there's something relevant for you where you may live. As we look forward, the new stamp duty concessions are coming in on 1st of July for this month. That'll be interesting in the lower end of the market. Did particularly under 650,000, and then up to around the 750, $800,000 price range. We'll report back on that for you and we'll also have a half yearly auction results report for you as well. That's it from me. Have a really good month and I'll talk to you soon. Bye for now.