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Sydney Property Market Update 22/06/2019

June 22, 2019 by Aris Dendrinos

I read an interesting article yesterday about a prominent Inner West Agency who was offering their current owners who had chosen to sell their home by Auction the opportunity to not have to pay the full cost for the Auctioneer if they sold prior.

The general gist was if the property sold early in the campaign they would only pay a partial booking fee of $195 to hold the potential Auction date. What troubled me though was the cost of the Auctioneer to attend on the day - it was $995!

My advice to any vendor considering using this Auctioneer is simple - get another one!

Someone like our Chief Auctioneer Peter Baldwin who has been representing my vendors for over 25 years. That's right, a quarter of a century. I've been extremely lucky to have the best in the business for my entire career to date.

Peter charges half of that cost, yes half. With all due respect to Auctioneers, they are not Macquarie Street specialists. So, to be charging nearly $1,000 for barely one hour's work is exorbitant in the extreme in my opinion.

An example of his skills can be seen as recently as last weekend,where we sold 8/71 The Boulevarde Dulwich Hill at Auction. Watch the Auction here!

Out of respect for the Agency in the article I won't name them. However, if they or anyone else wants to charge you $995 to Auction your property please contact us so we can illustrate what true value for money is.

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