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Sydney Property Market Update 30/03/2019

March 30, 2019 by Aris Dendrinos

This week I’m going off topic a little to tell you about one of the major strengths of this fabulous area of the Inner West I work in and that is schools.

In my role as Youth Services Chairman for the Marrickville Rotary Club I frequently visit many schools throughout the region and the diverse choice available is in my opinion unrivalled across the city.

The list is too long to mention throughout all the suburbs I service but today I’m going to focus solely on Marrickville itself.

I haven’t checked but I would hazard a guess that not many suburbs in Sydney have four Public Primary Schools within their borders. That’s right, four!

In the North we have Wilkins Public that also offers an Opportunity Class, in the South we have Ferncourt Public, in the West we have Marrickville West Public and in the East/Centre we have Marrickville Public. All are long standing excellent options for those who live locally and don’t wish to send their child too far out of their own neighbourhood.

If it’s Independent Schools that you prefer you can look towards St. Brigid’s Primary right in the heart of the suburb on Marrickville Road or St. Maroun’s College on Wardell Road. Once again, both have a very long and successful history as popular Catholic schools.

And if you’re interested in the private sector then Newington Boys College offers tuition from Kindergarten all the way up to Year 12.

Other High Schools in the area include Casimir Catholic College on Livingstone Road, St.Maroun’s and of course Marrickville High School on Sydenham Road.

Over the past 15 years I have conducted all sorts of programs, grants, donations, events with almost all of these schools and let me tell you they are fantastic. The level of engagement they all have with the local community in particular is what impresses me the most.

The best piece of advice I can give you from not only the perspective of an Agent who has been working in the area for over 25 years but also a parent of three children – and eighteen year old daughter who just finished her HSC last year, a fifteen year old son in Year 10 and an eight year old boy in year 3 who is autistic – is to not rely too heavily on well meaning "referrers" and "advisers" who have had good, bad or mixed impressions of a school you are considering sending your child to. Just like when you’re buying a property or selecting an agent to sell with rely heavily on your own enquiries. Every child is unique and every parent has different priorities in what they want for them when it comes to education. Keep an open mind because in many instances the recommendation of others could come from experiences that are no longer valid or applicable today.

The best example is Marrickville High School which in my opinion is fast on the rise after a sustained period of under enrolment. I have had many good dealings with the current Principal and one of their full-time teachers works on reception at my office on Saturdays. I only see good things and clear skies ahead for that school.