Does styling help when an owner is looking to sell?
One of the main ones we get asked a lot is to does styling help when an owner's looking to sell and the answer is an emphatic yes. The main reason is buyers are looking for solutions not problems and styling, to put it very simply, provides solutions. When a buyer walks into a property, they're nervous, they haven't done this very often, they're not quite sure what they want and styling frames the space, it ends the image for them. When they walk in it shows them how they could live their life in this property and in this space. And so, for that reason alone, it can be a very valuable tool to add a lot more to the bottom line of the price for an owner.
Auction or private treaty? Which one is the better way?
To be perfectly frank, very, very much depends on the property and the vendor. Most importantly the vendor has to buy into the process. If the vendor is not committed to the auction or the private trading process, I would thoroughly recommend that they choose the one that they're more comfortable with. They both can work, and both can be successful in the right circumstance. It just depends on those two main key factors.
How to sell for more?
Probably to make it really catchy and easy there's three Ps. There's price, there's promotion, and there's presentation. So, you have to get the property ready and present very well, physically, when people walk through it. You have to market it very attractively, so everyone who is interested in the market knows about it and sees it. And then thirdly, very important, if you're pricing's wrong in the eyes of the market, then that can obviously flaw the whole process. So, the three Ps really are what it's all about to sell for more.
When is the best time to sell?
Very important question and I'm afraid to give you a really simple, stupid answer. The best time to sell is when you are ready. Markets are not seasonal, they're cyclical. You can't pick the cycle. It's very hard. Your life is your specific life and when your time has come and you're ready to sell, that is always the best time to sell. Trying to guess the market is always a very, very flawed strategy and you do not want to be on the market, not really needing to sell or wanting to sell. That's the time to sell, when you're ready.