Welcome to Marrickville

As one of Sydney’s property hot-spots, Marrickville is an ideal property market for a range of buyers, from single professionals and young families to retirees.

To help you understand where you might fit into the multicultural mix that is Marrickville, we’ve broken down the major need-to-know stats on Marrickville based on the different stages of life you might find yourself.


Single and looking to move? Find a place to call home in Marrickville.

What is the next up-and-coming scene in Sydney for young, alternative twenty- and thirty-somethings?

Listen to word on the street and you’ll soon discover Marrickville tops the list. So much so, in fact, that Marrickville has the largest concentration of people aged 18-24 in Sydney’s Inner West.

Pocketed in between Leichhardt and Newtown to the north, Sydney City, Sydney Airport and Botany Bay to the east, Rockdale to the south and Canterbury to the west, Marrickville is an eclectic mix of people, places, and things to do. Similar to the rise in popularity of places like Leichhardt and Newtown in the mid-nineties, Marrickville has fast become the place to be–especially for creative-types like actors, musicians, artists, designers and media professionals.

Over 22.5% or 7,000 people between the ages of 25–34 moved to Marrickville in 2011. Second to this, there has been a net migration of over 1,900 people aged 18–24 years in that same year.

So what is it about Marrickville that is such a draw card for Sydney’s young creatives?


Young Couple? See why 20 and 30-somethings are flocking to Marrickville.

For the same, if not similar reasons that singles are increasingly making the move to Marrickville, in recent years young couples have also found a place to call home in the area. From great accessibility to transport, to the Inner West cafe lifestyle, it’s easy for young couples to find little need to venture past the bounds of their own backyard on weekends.

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Four Green Councillors out of twelve.

Marrickville is an equally popular suburb of choice for Sydney’s greener citizens, with its active and vocal commitment to ecological sustainability. Marrickville Council boasts a number of community gardens – from Marrickville West, along Addison Road to Turtle Lane. They can be used for the obvious–growing fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and other plants–to learning and practising the principles of sustainability.

For young couples and families looking to establish a sense of community, starting a veggie patch can be a great way to relax, unwind and make new friends.

Be entertained: Friday night through Sunday evening.

Marrickville is bursting with a range of weekend activities to entertain every preference. Some of the noteworthy things to do and see include:

Marrickville Bowling Club

Urban Food Market

The Factory Theatre

Enmore Park

Marrickville Organic Food & Farmers Markets

Camelot Lounge

The Vic On The Park, Enmore

Family with kids? Find out why Marrickville is as family-friendly as it is trendy.

Young families love a number of things about Marrickville. They love the wide cross section of schools available for their kids to attend at both Primary and Secondary level.

They love the wider open spaces you don’t get closer to the city particularly in neighbouring suburbs like Newtown, Alexandria and Erskineville.


Activities for the Whole Family

Marrickville boasts a range of easily accessible recreational areas, from the Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre and Abbey Borghia PCYC building to the Addison Road Markets.

For dining, the Henson Park Hotel is a local favourite with a kids play area in the beer garden.

Down by the Cooks River is a popular family spot, with Steel Park’s playground and water equipment designed to entertain kids for hours.

There are endless parks in all four corners of the suburb – from Enmore Park and Marrickville Park to Mahoney Park.

There is also a huge range of sporting clubs for the kids to join, like the Marrickville Lawn Tennis Club, Marrickville Golf Course, and Marrickville AFL Club.

Something to remember is the Marrickville Red Devils Soccer club, which has over 1,500 registered players and is the largest Football Association across the entire Inner West/Canterbury area.

An Abundance of Quiet, Leafy Streets

The streets of Marrickville are lined with federation homes and Victorian terraces, through to roomy Californian bungalows and modern red brick abodes, that are perfect for young families.

Throughout the week, make neighbours with a multicultural mix, from Greek to Vietnamese and Chinese families, while on the weekends, watch as the new wave of Marrickville urbanites sprawl the abundance of trendy cafes.

Retired and looking for a change? See what Marrickville community has to offer retirees.

Marrickville is also friendly for retirees and seniors, with its pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, strong transit infrastructure, cultural and recreational amenities, and accessible medical services. If you’re a senior looking to get involved in the community, check out these activities for seniors in the greater Marrickville area.

Thinking of making the move? Here are the best streets in Marrickville.

When you start to get down to the finer details of your suburb-to-be, one consideration that may not have crossed your mind is the streets within its bounds. Are some streets harder than to navigate to than others? What about street parking; is that going to be an issue? Let’s talk about the neighbours; are they quiet and considerate or noisy and neglectful–and which best suits your lifestyle?

Thanks to Street Advisor, there’s help yet in separating the good streets from the bad.

William St

“Great street to live in.”

Meeks Rd

“Cute but cramped”

Premier St

“Nice place to live; a stone’s throw from public transport, parks and a school.”

South St

“Good street in a sought-after area”

Queen St

“Avoid Queen Street!”

Pile St

“Bit of a mish mash but I liked it!”

Livingstone Rd

“Good residential street”

Lilydale St

“Friendly neighbours who respect our privacy”

Want to know more? View the Buying Property in Marrickville Infographic, or have a look at the range of properties to rent and properties to buy in Marrickville.