Easily accessible by train, bus, and rail to the city and surrounds.

Whether you like to feel your feet against the pavement, or like many others, prefer something a little speedier on your morning commute, you won’t be hard pressed to find travel options to and from the Inner West.


Marrickville is serviced by a range of different bus routes travelling east, west, north and south, so you’ll never be without a ride.


Supported by the Bankstown Line, Inner West Line and Illawarra Line, Marrickville is well equipped to handle any morning work commute.

T3 Bankstown Line – Accessible from Dulwich Hill, Marrickville, Sydenham, St Peters stations. Services to the City or to Liverpool/Lidcombe via Bankstown

T4 Eastern Suburbs & Illawarra Line – Accessible from Sydenham, Tempe stations. Services to Bondi Junction via the City, or to Mortdale/Waterfall/Cronulla

T2 Inner West & South Line – Accessible from Newtown, Stanmore, Petersham, Lewisham stations. All-stations services to the City or to Homebush

T2 Airport Line – Accessible from Sydenham station. Express services to the City and Campbelltown

Light Rail

As of March 2014, the Inner West Light Rail has opened up Marrickville residents to a whole new means of transport. The newly-renamed L1 Dulwich Hill Line extends the previous Central to Lilyfield light rail service through to Dulwich Hill station.

L1 Dulwich Hill Line – Dulwich Hill, Dulwich Grove, Arlington, Waratah Mills, Lewisham West, Taverners Hill. Services between Central and Dulwich Hill.


Keep fit, save money and enjoy the streets of Marrickville in style with plenty of bike tracks to explore at any fitness level.

For bike tracks and paths to travel on two wheels, check out the Cycle Marrickville Map.

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